Many of you will already be aware that it is with great sadness that we have had to relocate from Bridge House Equestrian Centre at Slinfold. Our new home is at Horsham & Mid Sussex Equestrian Academy (H&MSEA) at Albourne near Burgess Hill, West Sussex, where we run three sessions on Wednesday mornings. We had a wonderful five years at Bridge House during which time Liz and Chris McIlwraith and the wonderful owners who so kindly loaned their ponies to us were always incredibly supportive and we will always remember them with great fondness and thanks for their help and friendship. However, we are delighted to say that we have received a very warm welcome at H&MSEA and, after the upheaval of the move, are settling in nicely in our new surroundings. We are now on our summer break but are all looking forward to getting back in the saddle on 12th September. Here is a photo of Amanda getting to know her new pony.